Tomáš Řehořek

Tomáš Řehořek

Co-founder&CTO at Modgen

Tomáš is a co-founder of and CTO of Czech start-up Modgen that focuses on transferring the latest technologies from the data mining and AI (artificial intelligence) area into everyday business. He is the main architect of the Modgen Recommendation Engine cloud service that enables to add personalisation to e-commerce systems of any size and scope easily and at high speed.

Except for the daily design of real-time infrastructures for parallel mass data processing, application interface and other tasks, Tomáš Řehořek teaches the Basics of artificial intelligence at Czech Technical University in Prague. In spite of having extended theoretical knowledge of data science, machinery operation, when working for Mogden he emphasizes dealing with specific, real and practical problems that its clients actually face.

Tomáš is a real data visionary. His motto is: “Work hard, stay smart!” It works vice versa, great ideas will not change the world unless we implement them. There is no point in tilling the field with a hoe, inventing harvesters is far more beneficial. And at Modgen we develop exactly such tools. We are inspired by continuous contact with real data.”